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Roach & Cockroach Control Kit

Cockroaches. Those perennial pests that invade your home and never want to leave.  Don’t let you home become invaded with cockroaches with our all-inclusive Roach Kit. Our cockroach kit includes our best DIY products to eliminate your roach problem. With the proper use of our professional-grade products that we’ve included in this cockroach kit, are sure to leave the roaches running out the door. Our no-hassle comprehensive kit comes with:

  • 1 Supreme I/T 16 oz
  • 1 Apex Cockroach Gel Bait
  • 1 Novacide Flea and Tick Killer
  • 1 1-Gallon Pump Sprayer

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Treating cockroaches is never easy, but our control kit is a solution that will give the DIYer a fighting chance. Our cockroach kit includes a variety of general and topical solutions that will help you fight back against your roach infestation.


What can I buy to keep roaches away?

Unfortunately, there is no one thing that you can purchase to keep roaches away. They are attracted to places for a variety of reasons that are sometimes out of your control. When you have an infestation, there are a number of solutions and we’ve included some of our best DIY ones in this roach control kit.

What do professionals use on roaches?

While professional pest control experts do have some things that aren’t publicly available for various reasons, they do sometimes use many of the same products that you use. The difference is in their level of training and expertise and the level of planning and preparation that sometimes goes into an individual pest control job.

 Our cockroach kit includes some of those everyday products that professionals and DIYers alike use.  

Roaches are tough little bugs and they can be very hard to get rid of. We stand behind the products included in this cockroach kit but if you still have problems with roaches, please reach out to us. We’d love to help.

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AK, CA, CT, HI, IN, MI, NY, OR, RI, SC, VT and WA
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